About Us

IOPanel.NET – Israel Overclocking Panel 
As you can understand from the site's name, it's located in Israel,
established at the beginning of 2007, with the intention of being a warm
and widespread community for support, service and information for all
hardware, software, gaming, Overclocking and modding communities in
Israel , as well as being a source for the most updated and latest hardware
news from all over the world, to the community of hardware enthusiast in Israel.

Who are We?
The site was established with intention of being a warm house for hardware
and Overclocking enthusiast in Israel, as well as any other group of interest
related to computers world, you can find at the site a wide forums community,
where you can find place to publish any question, relevant information ,
benchmarks and any information on computer systems.

IOPANEL.NET brings the latest and most updated hardware news from all
over the world, as well as the hottest hardware reviews related to the most
anticipated hardware parts from all over the world, among them exclusive
reviews available only at IOPANEL.NET.
You can also find at IOPANEL.NET a download system, where you can find
many programs, benchmarks and the most recent drivers, you will find at
many hardware and software guides , and any other
information that you cannot find already published at the site,
you can get it from the experts at our community.

IOPAEL.NET staff is emphasizing on cooperation with a wide range of world
leading hardware sites , at IOPANEL.NET you can find exclusive hardware
reviews from the world leading overclocker, Coolaler from Taiwan, the admin
of one of the biggest and leading communities of hardware in the far east,
with over 50,000 members.
The site is also cooperating with other leading hardware sites around the
world, XtremeSystems.Org for example, the most professional and leading
overclockers community in united states, in order to bring to IOPANEL.NET
members the most updated and hottest hardware news from all over the world.

Who's Behind the site ?
The site's owners are 2 Israelis, who surfed for years in many hardware
communities all over the world , with a lot of experience in Overclocking and
modding, and became enthusiast with anything related to it.
At the beginning of 2007 they decided to establish the site, with the
intention of being a new , warn, professional and reliable community for
Israelis hardware enthusiasts , and gathered some of the leading hardware
and Overclocking professionals of Israel, which all of them are members of
the site without any profit means , as the site stands without any
commercial organization of any kind behind it, with only one purpose – to
serve the Israeli community at the most reliable way possible, with no hidden intentions.

Despite the site's "young age" , IOPANEL.NET is able to already be a
decent alternative to other hardware sites from Israel and from the world,
the site have an impressive growing rate, with new members joining the
community day by day, as they are exposed to the most recent news from
all over the world, hot and exclusive reviews, as well as wide range of guides in many fields of computer world.

The Site's crew is available any time in our community froum , or by "contact us" page