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review: Scythe Infinity

please note: In order to view this page properly choose - "ENGLISH" at the bottom...
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review: Scythe Infinity
פורסם על ידי cupra
ברירת מחדל review: Scythe Infinity

please note: In order to view this page properly choose - "ENGLISH" at the bottom

Today we will review the Scythe INFINITY


The Japanese company Scythe is considered to be relatively new in the peripheral H/W and cooling accessories.
Its been around 5 years since the company started manufacturing cooling and peripheral accessories to the PC home users.
its flagship products are the quality HSF cooling devices.
Today we will review the Scythe INFINITY which is actually an enlarged model of the already known Scythe Ninja which fits almost any AMD/INTEL sockets.

The package:

The Infinity package provides almost all of the required information regarding the HSF.
The packge itself has a picture of the HSF all over, along with some japaneese writings,
also there are a few logos that indicates the qualities and compatibility features of the HSF such as "Dual Core Ready", AM2 Socket, Low RPM , etc.
The rest is written in Japanese, and if you aren’t familiar with that you might end up scratching your head for awhile ;)


» Fits Intel Pentium 4 Socket 478, Intel LGA 775, Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Socket 754, 939, 940 processors! Including AMD AM2 processors.
» Includes quiet and efficient 120mm cooling fan.
» 4 way Fan - The fan can be mounted on any of the four sides.
» Infinity Interleave Fin Structure - Seeking the better way to efficiently dissipate the heat from total 5 heatpipes to Heatsink fins, this IIFS makes the quick & efficient heat transfer ever!
» Tool Free Installation - Newly developed & "patent pending" mounting mechanism "VTMS (Versatile Toll-Free Multiplatform System) allows user to install the Infinity CPU Cooler without any tool and hassle.
Infinity CPU Cooler is compatible for socket 478/754/939/940/AM2 & LGA775. All in one solution for your PC system.
» Copper base with heat pipes for excellent heat dissipation.
» Dual Core Ready.
» Thermal grease included.


» Model: SCINF-1000
» Compatibility:
» Intel P4 Socket 478
» Intel LGA 775 Socket T
» Intel Core 2 Duo
» AMD Socket 754/939/940
» AMD AM2 processors.
» Fan Dimensions: 120x120x25mm Fan
» Fan Voltage: 12 Volt DC
» Noise: 23.5dBA
» Fan Speed: 1200 RPM
» Fan Airflow: 46.5 CFM
» Connector: 3 PIN
» Combined Dimensions: 125 x 116 x 160mm
» Heat Sink Material: Copper Base/Aluminum Fins
Inside the package:
The HSF is pretty big
120 MM Fan + 2 clips for the fan
Clips for both AM@ and Socket 775
Thermal Paste

Quality & Design

Our first impression taking the infinity out of the box was "WOW" how does this monster going to fit into our case.
Well the answer came up pretty quickly, it fits almost any case, however it is recommended to have a large Case otherwise
you may end up having a greenhouse effect which isn’t ventilated enough since the HSF body might block the air circulation.
The weight of the INFINITY is very noticeable; it weighs almost 800 grams without the fan. The thought of the HSF falling
out of it socket had crossed my mind not once, but Scythe engineers found a suitable solution that we will elaborate about a bit later.
In order to give you a feel for its size we scaled it and compared it to the Zalman 9500 and the Big Typhoon cooler units:

you can see 10 heat pipes which are divided into 2 section, 5 in each side.
The design itself resembles the Ninja, where the Aluminum plates go across the HS, and a few other plates goes at the bottom of the HS.


I have installed the infinity on both the Asus P5B Deluxe and INTEL Bad AXE.
The installtion over a socket 775 was very simple, you attach the two plates to the sides, where each plate has its own mounting clips similar to the original HSF clips that intel uses.
There is No need ot disasmble the Motherboard but people with large hands might fins themselves struggling with the clips due to lack of space.
Mounting the infinity on an AM2 socket was also pretty easy.
A dedicated clip locks the big HS on the socket pretty easily.
Here too the lock is pretty tight and any fear that it might get loose later on, had vanished.
The fan installtion is extremely easy, the locks are put on the Fan on one side and locks on the HS on the other.
The Fan itself is connected via a 3 pin cable to the motherboard.
Another important advantage of the INFINITY is that it can be mounted in both ways , by means of its X/Y axis.
In one of those mounts the air could flow from the bottom if the HS fins towards the North Bridge and the Graphic card.

Noise Level:

The HS itself is Passive and does not produce any noise, the Fan that Scythe provides with the INFINITY rotates at a Max speed of 1200 RPM and has a noise level of 23.5db.
It's relatively very quite and any noise it does produce is being overpowered by the other Fans residing in the case.
if there is a need for increased performance, any standard 120 mm fan can be attached to the INFINITY.

Out Test setup:
M.B Asus P5B Deluxe / Intel BAD AXE
Memory :Supertalents 800c4
CPU: Intel Quad extreme 6700@3.2Ghz
PSU:: Ocz 600W
Graphic card: Nvidia 7950x2/8800GTX

The INFINITY meets our expectations. It managed to lower the temperature at about 13 degrees on Average and kept the warm Quad at a "saint" manageable temperature.

Performance: The infinity managed to take off 13 degrees on average compared to the original HSF and still very quiet compared to a fan that operates at 1200 rpm score 9/10.

Price: 350 shekels its not cheap and of course there is always the excellent TUNIQ at a cheaper price. Score 8/10
Quality & Design: the quality stands out, clean smooth copper plate, very clean and quite, we haven’t noticed any squeaks in our test.

Overall Score 9/10

Final words: It's a great product, The INFINITY cooler can make your cpu allot cooler, If you have the extra cash and you want a great cooler the infinity is probably one of the best options for you.

Link to the Manufacturer website
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