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Twin Turbo Vs. V2

Arctic cooling TwinTurbo Vs Thermalright V2 Review Video cards market is considered one of the most active markets among the ...
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Twin Turbo Vs. V2
Battle Of The Coolers
פורסם על ידי cupra
ברירת מחדל Introduction

Arctic cooling TwinTurbo Vs Thermalright V2 Review
Video cards market is considered one of the most active markets among
the hardware field, a market that leads - directly or not , the gaming field
and consoles , which is estimated in billions of dollars each year.

The two main players in the video cards war, are AMD and Nvidia , that
during the last months are in a "total war" including new video cards with
new and improved technologies almost every month.

This competition is taking place for almost a few years now , and we as
the consumers benefit from it as we can get better technological improved
video cards , with lower prices and new performance levels that were
considered impossible a few months ago ...

The main aspect of new technologies is better manufacturing procedure.

In this battle AMD was the first to introduce 55nm cores with the release of
the RV670 core , that was the heart of the HD 3XXX series , that was
followed by the HD 4XXX series, with the new RV770 core.

RV770 Core and GDDR5 - better technology, yet temps are high.

The improve among manufacturing procedure should affect lowe power
consuption ,and "colder" operation of video cards, but the video cards
companies are using this improve to achieve higher speeds and performance
levels, and we see today's video cards with tempratures that we haven't seen
before , like the HD 4XXX , and what causes this heat problem is not always
the core iteslf , but the cooling devices, as the video cards companies try to
save as much money as they can during production , and this is made by
releasing the video card with the most minimal cooling unit , that can promiss
the proper opertaion of the video card.
By saving on the cooling device the video cards companies can save a few
dollars , that will impact the final price of the video card.

Amd and Nvidia allows thaeir partners to sell different versions of the video
cards, which are equiped with better and more efficient cooling devices , but
most of the times this versions are sold with higher clock speeds, and are sold
with higer price tag than the default versions.

After buying the video card, the buyer is left with 2 options -
The first one is leaving the current cooling device , and let the video card
work under the tempratures that the company decided to be proper, even if
we find them high , or they can try other solutions like adding another fans
to the computer.

The second option is buying a cooling device which is made by other
companies that specialize in this products.

today we will focus on two units from two of this companies, Arctic Cooling,
and Thermalright , two of the main players in cooling market.

The video card which we will use in our tests is the Radeon HD 4850 , which
is one of the latest video cards released by AMD , and is considered also
one of the cards with the highest tempratures today.

HD 4850 and HD 4870 Coolers - Enough, nothing more than that

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