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Intel 4-Ways Core processors Due Out in Q3

ציטוט: פורסם במקור על ידי HKEPC Hardware » IT News Despite the launch of Intel Xeon DP 5100/5300 has stopped ...
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חדשות Intel 4-Ways Core processors Due Out in Q3

פורסם במקור על ידי HKEPC Hardware » IT News
Despite the launch of Intel Xeon DP 5100/5300 has stopped a further advance of AMD in 2-Way Server due to the excellent Core microarchitecture, Intel still hasn’t got any advantages in the 4-Way market; the old Netburst microarchitecture used in the current leads to a result that AMD Opteron remains as the first choice for enterprise. Yet, Intel has announced recently their new Core microarchitecture based 4-Way processors, codenamed Tigerton, will be ready and available in Q3.

The new Tigerton processors have two derivative—Xeon MP 7200 and 7300. Xeon MP 7300 is based on Quad-Core Tigerton-QC, a package of two native Dual-Core processors, and features 1066MHz FSB, VT, 64Bit, and DBS. This family includes: Xeon MP E7310 (1.6GHz/2MB x 2 L2), E7320 (2.13/2MB L2 x 2), E7330 (2.4GHz/3MB L2 x 2), E7340 (2.4GHz/4MB L2 x2), and X7350 (2.93GHz/4MB L2 x2). In spite of X7350, all the models in this family are at 80W TDP, while X7350 is at 130W. The prices are $856, $1177, $1391, $1980, and $2301 respectively.

For the blade server market, Intel Xeon MP L7345 is specifically designed at low power consumption. Running at 1.86GHz and containing 4MB x2 L2 Cache, the thermal envelope for L7345 is just only 50W. Its price is the same as X7350, that’s $2301.

Despite the Quad Core, Xeon MP 7200 is a Dual Core based on tigerton-DC. This family includes only two members: Xeon 7210(2.4GHz/4MB x 2 L2) and 7220(2.93/4MB x 2 L2). Like the 7300, its FSB remains at 1066MHz and they share the thermal envelope at 80W. Their prices are $856 and $1177 respectively.

Accompanying with Intel Xeon MP 7200/7300, a bland-new platform called Caneland will be launched together. The soul of this platform is Intel 7300 chipset. Codenamed Clarksbore, this chipset prices $224.


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