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Lian-Li Introduces New HTPC Form Factor Cases

Lian-Li Industrial Co. Ltd has launched the PC-C33 & PC-C34F HTPC chassis. Both have slender profile form factors to blend ...
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IO OwneR
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הודעה Lian-Li Introduces New HTPC Form Factor Cases

Lian-Li Industrial Co. Ltd has launched the PC-C33 & PC-C34F HTPC chassis.
Both have slender profile form factors to blend in with audio and DVD
equipment but stand out because of their unique offerings like the 2.4G
wireless remote sensor, innovative HDD access and options as well as
supremely quiet cooling capabilities.

he PC-C33 stands at 425 x 168 x 460 mm (W, H, D), while the slightly larger
PC-C34F stands at 432 mm x 168 mm x427 mm (W,H,D). These classic
chassis have the traditional Lian Li brushed black anodized aluminum
appearance, with the PC-C34F having a front mounted lockable HDD cage
with a hot swap HDD capability with support for up to 4x 3.5"HDD's. While
both have space for 4x 3.5"HDD's. In addition, there are two ODD bays and
support for seven expansion slots.

Unique Profile HTPC Chassis
The PC-C33 and PC-34F will both support a micro-ATX and ATX form factor.
Both cases are hand-made with Lian Li's traditional care and attention to detail.
The diamond cut lines to create the elegant profile seen on both chassis'
front panels give the HTPC chassis a sense of style. The solid structure is all
aluminum, offering significant cooling functions over standard steel cases,
while adding a sleek and superior aspect of elegance. In addition the front
mounted I/O ports, include 4x USB 2.0, 1x Firewire 1394, 1x E-SATA, as well
as HD+AC97 Audio options.In addition, the acrylic window for the 2.4G
wireless remote sensor enhances your HTPC experience.

Smooth Airflow and Silent
Lian Li attention to detail is evident throughout with special anti-vibration
spring clips to prevent the panels from rattling, while special rubber
grommets support the HDD's mounted in their bays. The PC-C33 has
2x80mm exhaust ball-bearing fan@1200RPM, with one 140mm ball-bearing
fans @1200RPM drawing air into the chassis from the vent holes on the side
of the case. The PC-C34F has a 140mm Fan@900RPM intake on the left
hand side of the case , and a 80mm fan@1500RPM exhaust.The copious
open vents around the case improve airflow and assist the aluminum chassis
in cooling down the warmest components inside.

Quality and Craftsmanship
Like all Lian Li products, these HTPC Multimedia Chassis have the finely
honed finish to prevent sharp edges, while the structure has been
hand-crafted to create the extra attention to detail prevalent in Lian Li chassis.
The minimalist design allows the case to fit in with any décor. The
special rubber padded metal stands are superior quality reduce vibration.
The internals are modular, so components can be pre-fitted and then
installed in stages, allowing an organized and structural design for your DIY
HTPC Home Theatre system. Tool-less thumb screws keep the case top
panel attached, while a structural support bar adds strength to the case design.
Everything is designed to comply with Intel Standards for maximum compatibility.
The essence of Lian-Li products is the craftsmanship of the engineering. Intrinsic to the workmanship and quality is the customization which includes
a whole host of optional extras that can be purchased to add more features
to an already feature rich product.

Source: Lian-Li
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