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JonnyGuru - Enermax Revolution 85+ 850W - Power Supply Reviews and more! - Reviews - Enermax Revolution 85+ 850W On this cloudy and dreary spring ...
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ישן 25-05-09, 17:35   #1 (קישור ישיר)
Rig Master
סמל האישי של Juiced
תאריך הצטרפות: Jul 2008
הודעות: 7,926
הודעה JonnyGuru - Enermax Revolution 85+ 850W

On this cloudy and dreary spring day, I find myself once more looking at a unit that promises to be anything but dreary. Yes, friends, I'm having me a look at another Enermax unit, this time the lowest powered offering in the Revolution 85+ line. At 850 watts, this unit hopes to bring the awesome performance I've experienced twice before on this platform to those users who don't need a 1050W or 1250W monster of a unit.

You will recall that these units have done exceptionally well in scoring here at the site, but I have a confession: this is not the cheapest platform out there to produce. Quite frankly, I wonder if this unit will perform well enough at 850W to command the high price tag that seems inevitable with a complicated design like this. We're going to find that out, yes we will. But first, some obligatory box shots.

I7 920 4.4GHZ HT ON #3849b + Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra |
| Mushkin Redline 12gb 1600mhz 6-7-6-18 | Sapphire HD6850 1000@1200 x2 | Watercooled lancool K62W | OCZ Vertex 2 60gbX3 Raid 0 | Seagate 500GB 32MB 7200.11 + WD 1TB 16MB Low power | Corsair TX650W | Auzen X-Fi Bravura 7.1 > Logitech X-540 5.1 > HD595 > Kave Roccat | corsaiar k60 + steelseries sensei pro + razer scarab | iBasso DX50 > Earsonics SM3 v2 | Google Nexus One Nightly Gingerbread CM7

נערך לאחרונה על ידי Juiced, 25-05-09 בשעה 17:45.
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