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JonnyGuru - BFG EX1000 1000W

ציטוט: A man once said that all his ex 's lived in Texas . Well , today is my lucky ...
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ישן 14-06-09, 12:45   #1 (קישור ישיר)
Rig Master
סמל האישי של Juiced
תאריך הצטרפות: Jul 2008
הודעות: 7,926
הודעה JonnyGuru - BFG EX1000 1000W

A man once said that all his ex's lived in Texas. Well, today is my lucky day because my ex's live a bit closer than that. In fact, they're right next to me in this very room. I speak not of the human kind of "ex," but the power supply kind. You see, today's review sample is the brand new BFG EX1000.

And this kind of EX, as you can see from the above picture, is part of BFG's brand new modular high end line of units intended to compete with the likes of the Corsair HX1000 and Enermax Revolution 85+. We'll find out if it's able to do so later on in this review. Meantime, let's have us some more box pictures.

Unlike many units these days, this unit is only certified as a standard 80 Plus unit. This means that at 20%, 50%, and 100% load levels, it is only guaranteed to be above 80% efficiency. That being said, according to the box... - Power Supply Reviews and more! - Reviews - BFG EX1000 1000W

I7 920 4.4GHZ HT ON #3849b + Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra |
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