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מישהו ניסה Vista Gamers Edition ?

מידע מאתר טורנטים : This has been made for you that refuses to get assf***ed by M$ and their allies ...
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קישור חוזר הגדרות אשכול אפשרויות הצגת נושא
ישן 18-07-09, 17:03   #1 (קישור ישיר)
IO Pro
סמל האישי של ANDREY12341
תאריך הצטרפות: Jan 2007
הודעות: 2,539
ברירת מחדל מישהו ניסה Vista Gamers Edition ?

מידע מאתר טורנטים :
This has been made for you that refuses to get assf***ed by M$ and
their allies whith the help of that DRM/TC/Palladium infested POS
that they call "best Windows ever"..!

And with the introduction of DirectX 10 (that ofcourse will not be
available/ported to XP) they try lure us to give up our privacy and
freedom of choice regarding our internet and computing habits...

I like to play my games and REFUSE to install that crappy bloated
full blown Vista POS, so this has been made with my own preferences
and needs in mind.

There is nothing here that will satisfy those who like that gayish
Aero Glass theme, actually there is no theme at all...the classic one
is the only choice

Performance and simplicity is the key word here, this baby has been
tweaked and tuned to simply blow your socks off!!

There are some of you who know who I am and you know that this has
been done properly, and no friggin "nlite/vlite buttonclicker" that
hasn't got a clue on what they are doing....period.

Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING that can be a threat to us and
that are not needed for regular use and gaming has been removed.

So understand this, there is:

NO Media Player
NO DRM module
NO Firewall
NO Search/Index function

...and a ton of other stuff!

..if you really feel you can't live without that,
simply don't bother grabbing this.

ההקנה סה"כ 3XX MB, מישהו ניסה זאת ? האם זה יציב ?
ANDREY12341 לא מחובר  
ישן 18-07-09, 17:15   #2 (קישור ישיר)
IO Gadgets
סמל האישי של iakovl
תאריך הצטרפות: Jan 2007
הודעות: 13,202
ברירת מחדל

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Device: Gnote ROM: CM9 #7 Kernel: stock Modem:LB2
Main: E8400, Asus P5Q pro, 2*2gb G.skill PI DDR900, Perc 5/i HD103UJx4 RAID5 , wd3200aaks, HD4850, P180, VX450W, audigy 2 zs platinium pro, HD595, DELL 2709W
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