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חומרה : מעבדי INTEL ולוחות אם

עדכון ביוס כושל? יש פתרון?

היי, סתם מענין אותי, אם מישהו ניסה לעדכן ביוס והייתה איזו שהיא בעיה והעדכון נכשל. אז יש פתרון כל שהוא? ...
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ברירת מחדל עדכון ביוס כושל? יש פתרון?


סתם מענין אותי, אם מישהו ניסה לעדכן ביוס והייתה איזו שהיא בעיה והעדכון נכשל.
אז יש פתרון כל שהוא?
אני מצאתי באינטרנט פתרון, אבל לא ממש הבנתי
במדריך הזה : BIOS Flashing - A "How To ~ Qflash Guide" - TweakTown Forums
יש הסבר איך לתקן עדכון ביוס כושל
Attempting to Recover From a Bad Flash or Corrupt BootBlock

Corrupt BIOS BootBlock? It can happen to the best of us!!

There is but only a FEW things you can try to do before you will have to RMA your board if you get a Bad BootBlock or Scanning Hard Drive for BIOS error message.

This can be causes by any number of things, @BIOS, a Bad Flash, a Flash to the incorrect BIOS, a Power interruption during a flash... The list goes on.

Here is a few things you can try in a attempt to recover your BIOS.

You MUST have a Floppy Disk Drive installed and set as First Boot Device, BEFORE your system failure. It will not help you at all to try to install one after a BIOS error in a attempt to fix it with these methods.

1. Make a bootable floopy disk by formatting a floppy disk and choosing Create a MS-DOS startup disk in the format options

2. Copy the Award flash utility (Flash895) & BIOS file (.Fxx) to the floppy disk

3. Create an autoexec.bat with “flash895 bios_file_example_name.Fxx” in the content of the batch file, (without the quotes “ ”).

Yes the space is there and is necessary!
(Example: flash895 gap35ds4.F12)

4. Boot the system with the floppy (it will take a few minutes before screen comes out)

5. Re-flash the BIOS & reboot.

Here is how to create an autoexec.bat File
1. In Windows, open NotePad
2. In NotePad, write “flash895 gap35ds4.F12″ (without the quotes “ ”)
3. Save the file as autoexec.bat


The AWARD BIOS does not automatically restore the BIOS information to the BootBlock. You will need to write the commands necessary to flash the BIOS into the Autoexec.bat file.

The system will run the Autoexec.bat file, which contains the flash instructions.

How To:

1. Create a bootable floppy disk as noted above

2. Copy the BIOS file (.Fxx) and flash utility (Flash895) to the disk

3. Create an text file with any standard text editor and add the following lines (Name it Autoexec.bat after editing)


flash895 gap35ds4.F12 /py/sn/f/cc/r

The AWDFLASH.EXE (Flash895) command switch modifiers used above are explained below:
/CC = clear CMOS data after programming.
/CD = clear DMI data after programming.
/CP = clear PnP (ESCD) data after programming.
/QI = use BIOS I.D. string from BIOS .bin file.
/R = reset system after programming.
/PY = program flash memory.
/F = Flash BIOS
/SN = don't save existing BIOS.

To view all of the modifiers for AWDFLASH.EXE, type the following at a DOS prompt:


And finally, if all of that fails here is one last page, with similar but more in depth methods, keep in mind you will need to change some of the commands listed on this page to match the files you will be using. Change them similar to th above ones. Like if .BIN is discussed it means use .Fxx in it's place, if awardflash is discussed use Flash895 in it's place. The page was written for older BIOS's but all of the same still applies in this instance of Flash Recovery

(*Note* I have this webpage on my hard drive should it ever go down, if so someone please PM me and let me know)

Award 6.0 BIOS - BootBlock Recovery

Suggestions are more then welcome if you guys think I missed anything or need to address something further.

Hope this at least will help some people a bit, and HOPEFULLY save a few from a BAD @BIOS Flash or Otherwise!

Important Note: Where FLASH895.exe has been replaced by FLASHSPI.exe by Gigabyte

Anyone who flashes their bios "the good old way" , with a created floppy boot disk and the relevant bios, flash app and autoexec.bat file copied over, that Gigabyte have started to use (at least for my board and latest bios) a New Flash utility (FLASHSPI.exe).

At first it can be a bit disconcerting, because from the moment you boot the PC, with of course the floppy drive set as a bootable drive in the bios, the new Flash Bios Update Application (dos) needs NO input from you.

Normally on "traditional" Flash Bios update applications (dos) when booting from a floppy, you would be presented with the loaded Flash Bios Update application screen and would have to manually select the bios image and initiate the flash by "OK". Also some of these Flash Bios Update applications would allow you to save a copy of the current bios image file.

However this new GB Flash Bios update Application requires no user input whatsoever - so don't remove the floppy disk after boot until the Flash has completed. It's not as though you would be just stopping a Flash Bios update Application from loading, ie before loading up the bios image manually.

Gigabyte should have warned users about this, as for years I've always been used to seeing the loaded up Flash bios update Application waiting for me to select a bios image and initiate the flash process manually (as per FLASH895.exe). If i wanted to change my mind, or realised I had the wrong bios image on the floppy disk, I could just stop right there and close the Flash bios update application - no harm done.
However their new Flash bios update application/utility doesn't allow that. It appears to be supplied and configured in "silent" mode.
So be careful!

FLASH895.exe dated 27 june 2006
FLASHSPI.exe dated 23 may 2008

הפתרון הזה בכלל לעדכון ביוס כושל?
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ברירת מחדל

זה לא תמיד עובד, גם יש סיכוי טוב שהדיסקטים שברשותך כבר מזמן לא שמישים (האמינות של הדיסקטים שואפת ל-0)
אבקש לא לפנות אליי עם שאלות לפרטי, למי שיש בעיה שיפתח נושא(טראד) בפורום במקום הראוי ויקבל תשובות ועזרה בבוא העת, תודה,
doscape לא מחובר   הגב עם ציטוט

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