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MSI Unveils its Top-of-the-line R5970-P2D2G Graphics Card

World renowned graphics card and mainboard brand and manufacturer, MSI, captured the hearts of powerful performance enthusiasts after unveiling its ...
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IO OwneR
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ברירת מחדל MSI Unveils its Top-of-the-line R5970-P2D2G Graphics Card

World renowned graphics card and mainboard brand and manufacturer, MSI, captured the hearts of powerful performance enthusiasts after unveiling its all-new R5800, R5700 series of graphics cards.
Today, MSI unveils its top model, the R5970-P2D2G graphics card, which not only equips two advanced 40nm GPUs, but also utilizes 3200 stream processors (SPs)*, and 2 GB 512 bit** GDDR5 graphics memory, making it the best performing card on the planet today!

Additionally, MSI's R5970-P2D2G graphics card features ATI Eyefinity triple-display output technology, allowing gamers to get fully immersed in the latest DirectX 11 environments. The card also offers PowerPlay power-saving functionality that shows remarkable power-saving when the machine is in stand-by. Equally noteworthy is MSI's own "Afterburner" overclocking software that allows the user to adjust both the voltage and overclocking settings for better performance. With CrossFire X enabled, the dual GPUs offer outstanding, stable performance that redefines fast. Without a doubt, this card will be the first choice of performance enthusiasts.

Dual 40nm GPUs provides the best performance!
MSI's all-new R5970-P2D2G graphics card equips two GPUs with the latest 40nm architecture to offer more transistors in the same area and significant performance advances. This same design also improves processing efficiency by increasing the usability of all the transistors available. Through the dual 40nm chip design, the all-new MSI R5970-P2D2G graphics card provides the best performance for this generation of graphics cards.

Support for several of the latest graphical standards
Architecture aside, MSI's R5970-P2D2G graphics card also supports the latest DirectX 11/Shader 5.0 and OpenGL 3.2 graphical standards. When compared to the R5800 series, gamers can take advantages of the more powerful specifications to better experience the DirectX 11 games under the latest windows 7 O/S. This new card, aside from supporting next generation games and movie playback accelerations, can also aid the CPU run everyday applications via OpenCL support.

MSI's own "Afterburner" graphics card overclocking software provides easy voltage adjustment
MSI's own "Afterburner" software is currently the most powerful graphics card overclocking software available. Aside from the basic frequency adjustment and system monitor, this software allows the user to adjust the voltage for the GPU. This important feature saves all the hassle of having to adjust the circuit board in order to provide a higher voltage to the GPU. Additionally, the software's automatic fan speed control has received a lot of praise from enthusiasts all over the world. With MSI's "Afterburner", the decision to run the fan quietly or for high-performance is in your hands!

The all-new ATI Eyefinity single-card, triple-monitor support
Performance aside, another key feature for enthusiasts and gamers is a graphics card's video output. MSI's R5970-P2D2G provides big-time with ATI Eyefinity technology***. Through two DVI ports and a Mini DisplayPort port, the R5970-P2D2G can support up to three monitors at 2560×1600 resolution per monitor. This capability is truly outstanding, considering that most graphics cards can only support at most two monitors. Triple-monitor output expands the amount of visual information displayed, and, thereby, both improves multitasking for professionals, and creates expansive visuals for gamers. With ATI Eyefinity, MSI's R5970-P2D2G expands your horizons easier than ever before.

Support for ATI PowerPlay power-saving technology
MSI's R5970-P2D2G graphics card, in addition to surprisingly powerful performance and advanced technology of all kinds, also supports ATI PowerPlay power management functionality for users looking for the perfect balance between performance and power consumption. When the GPU is running a lighter loading, PowerPlay automatically decreases the amount of energy being supplied. However, when the loading increases, PowerPlay likewise increases the amount of power for the best performance possible. In so doing, this technology creates a beautiful harmony between powerful graphics and power management.

Military Class components, quiet and stable
To improve the card's stability, MSI's R5970-P2D2G implements Hi-C Cap, all solid-state capacitor and SSC (Solid State Choke). With these ultra high-grade components, the R5970-P2D2G can maintain an incredible level of stability and enjoy a longer product life. Additionally, the SSC prevents unwanted noise when running a high-load, for a quiet and stable design any user can appreciate.

*Each GPU has 1600 SPs, the single card with dual GPUs has 3200 SPs altogether
**The available memory and bandwidth is divided as 2 × 1GB and 2 × 256bit for a total of 2GB at 512bit
***When using ATI Eyefinity technology, one monitor must be connected via the DisplayPort.
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סמל האישי של doscape
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