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XFX Announces its Radeon HD 5970 Graphics Card

XFX takes technology for a trip down the fast lane with the debut of The XFX ATI Radeon HD 5970 ...
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ישן 18-11-09, 16:10   #1 (קישור ישיר)
IO OwneR
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חדשות XFX Announces its Radeon HD 5970 Graphics Card

XFX takes technology for a trip down the fast lane with the debut of The XFX ATI Radeon HD 5970 graphics card. The fastest dual GPU-on-a-PCB card on the planet, in addition to the base powerhouse, this card also comes in an "I've-never-seen-that-kind-of-performance-before" Black Edition with an exclusive performance enhancing Overvolt Tool.

Created for the true performance enthusiast, this card offers the ultimate in speed, with the XFX ATI Radeon HD 5970 scoring in excess of X10000 in 3DMarkVantage v. 101, the highest single graphics card score achieved to date. It also features all of the latest, state-of-the-art technologies that hardcore gamers want, including ATI Eyefinity technology, ATI Stream technology and full DirectX 11 support.

ATI Eyefinity technology puts users in the game by expanding the user's field of view across up to three displays. No detail is lost with innovative ‘wrap around' capabilities that deliver an incredibly intense gaming experience.

ATI Stream technology boosts system performance by offloading tasks that were previously CPU bound to the GPU. In addition to creating a better-balanced platform, it accelerates everyday applications and helps increase productivity.

Full DirectX 11 support enables users to play the latest HD games with unparalleled quality and ultra-fast frame rates. And, performance enthusiasts can tune their rigs for maximum performance.

Dual second generation terascale engines offer more than 4 teraFLOPS of compute power delivering more speed and performance than any other graphics card available. And ATI CrossFireX technology increases gaming performance up to 180% in dual mode with quad GPU support.

GDDR5 memory provides twice the bandwidth per pin of GDDR3 memory, for great speed and higher bandwidth. And, ATI PowerPlay Technology with enhanced support for GDDR5-based boards scales power draw according to activity, so that when GPU activity is low, the power draw in minimal. Power draw is further minimized with 40 nm process technology and ATI CrossFireX™ technology ultra low power (ULP).

The HD 5970 also features DirectCompute11, which improves performance by taking on some or all of a DirectX 11-enabled application's processing load, freeing up the computer's main processor to take on additional tasks. And, with complete Microsoft Windows 7 support, users can take full advantage of all of the new Windows 7 features, including built-in drag and drop transcoding.

Movie buffs will appreciate Dolby True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio support, which provides a fully immersive high-definition audio experience with the latest Blu-ray movies, and ATI Avivo™ Technology Enhanced Unified Video Decoder 2, which provides a richer video playback experience with enhanced Unified Video Decoder features.

Black Edition owners will appreciate the power to fine tune the GPU and memory voltages with the XFX OverVolt Tool. Designed to work only with this Black Edition model, it is the resource to extend the overclocking capability of this amazing card.
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