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דבר חופשי : דיבורים על הא ודא

מודעת eBay משעשעת

2001 FORD FOCUS GHIA 1.8 Zetec Very Clean Interior | eBay UK אין לי מושג מה הבחור לקח אבל בא ...
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2001 FORD FOCUS GHIA 1.8 Zetec Very Clean Interior | eBay UK

אין לי מושג מה הבחור לקח אבל בא לי גם
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חחחחחח, הרג אותי

"just remind them that in some parts of the world they haven’t even invented drinks yet."
pc:intel q6600 2.4@3.2GHZ, asus p5k, AMD HD5850, enermax liberty 400W dell 2209wa
mobile: dell latitude e6400, dell inspirion mini 10

camera: nikon d7000 , nikon 105mm f/2.8g af-s micro, nikon 35mm af-s f/1.8g, sigma 10-20mm f/3.5

HTC ONE X: rom=AOSP JB 4.1.1, kernal=FAUX 4b08
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אחד ההזוים !
איך עוד לא העיפו לו את המכירה ? יש שם בערך 2% תוכן רלוונטי, כל השאר סיפורי סבתא.

זה הרג אותי:
It’s a Ford Focus from 2001 which is exactly 1 year after 2000 when the world didn’t end and VCRs continued to work. I didn’t do much that New Years eve, not because I was afraid an airplane would fall out of the sky and land on me, I just fancied a quiet night in with my girlfriend of that time, I say girl’friend, she was nearly 40 but a proper sporty little thing, bit ugly but perky where it counted.
PC: Intel Core i7 2600K | G.Skill Ares DDRIII 2x4GB 1600Mhz 8-8-8 | Asus P8Z77-V | Sapphire 4870X2 | Intel 520 180GB | Perc 6/i - Samsung F4EG 2TBx4 RAID5 | Asus 2014L1T | Dell 2407WFP | Lian Li G70 Silver Watercooled
WaterCooling: Q² Project by The-Fox
Extreme Cooling: Duniek DICE/LN2 POT

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חחחחחחחחח הדבר ההזוי ביותר שקראתי בחיים שלי, הבן אדם לקח כנראה חומר טוב במיוחד לפני כתיבת המודעה הזו..

Ford Focus 1.8 Zetec Ghia Mint Green (Possibly works underwater but this is unconfirmed)

just pretended to get off with myself in the back seats, I had someone confirm that they could see me. This unfortunately means the windows are only lightly tinted and it isn't privacy glass. Also worth mentioning that this car runs on petrol which can be bought at 'petrol stations', if you are unfamiliar with these then ask someone for directions to a place that sells over priced cold sausage rolls.
and on the 8th Day God invented Euro Trance... and it is said this was God's most beautiful invention.... ♫♪ d(-.-)b 
Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Sylvia Tosun - An Angles Love (Vocal mix) -Track of the year 2011
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