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Aquaero 5 הגיע !

תשובה שקיבלתי מAqua computer: Hello, that is a so called PID controller: P = proportional I = integral D = ...
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תשובה שקיבלתי מAqua computer:


that is a so called PID controller:

P = proportional
I = integral
D = derivative

Explaining that in detail is not easy so here is a short and hopefully understandable explanation without any scientific parts ;-)

The target value controller will always try to reach and hold the temperature that you have set. Of course when your system is under load the temperature will rise and the controller has to speed up the fans to come back to your settings. It might be easier when you imagine P as power. This value has no measurement unit and provides the amount of power to work against the rising temperature. A low value means the fan will work slower to achieve your setting while a larger value will be more aggressive and provides more power to the fan to come back to the target temperature. So when you select a high value you will have a quick changes but at the cost that your fans will change its speed faster which can be annoying.

I can not tell you a standard value since such a thing does not really exist. You will have to play a bit around with it.

The I part works over time. It adds some power step by step every second to assist the P value. This value is ideal to adjust the regulation speed. So if you think the target value controller could work a bit fast you maybe want to use a larger I value instead of playing around with P.

So with P you do the rough adjustment while I is for the subtleties. The D value ist not available in this controller since using it is next to worthless.

kind regards
Sven Hanisch


Mazda Miata 1997 - Custom Turbo - 15psi boost
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