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PAX PCI XFI ALL OS Driver V5.00 Release.

PAX PCI XFI ALL OS Driver V5.00 © Creative all rights be long to Creative and logos. Creative giving me ...
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ברירת מחדל PAX PCI XFI ALL OS Driver V5.00 Release.


© Creative all rights be long to Creative and logos. Creative giving me there writing persimmon by Robert McClelland.
PAX related logos and software and drivers are own by PAX ®
- Please don't remod my work with out permission you can contact me at

XP Vista Win7 Win8 – 32/64Bit - Read me

Performance Audio Xeleration
Tweaked Drivers for Creative Soundcards:
Better Performance. Better Audio. Better Xeleration.

Supported cards:
Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatal1ty® Professional Series
Sound Blaster X-Fi Platinum Fatal1ty Champion Series
Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeMusic
Sound Blaster X-Fi XFI Xtreme Gamer Fata1ity pro
Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer
Sound Blaster X-Fi Platinum
Sound Blaster X-Fi Fatal1ty
Sound Blaster X-Fi Elite Pro
Sound Blaster X-Fi OEM Elite Pro
Sound Blaster X-Fi
Soundblaster X-Fi OEM Cards: Dell, HP and Gateway
Setup should work with any XFI Card now!
ADD UHAA Main Driver

Supported OS:
XP Vista Win7 Win 8 32 and 64Bit

Based on:
+ Updated Tweak As of 9.17.11
Fix UHAA Line in the Inf. Should work now.
First fully Functional driver for Windows 8 Preview build.
Readded Full Support to the Aug 22, 2011 driver that means UHAA Music cards and Oem are Full support under this driver.

You can find in main folder just click on it and installed.
I highly recommend used Iolo System Mechanic fix reg and defrag there free trial.

Important :
Before installing, remove all traces of any previous x-fi drivers and all x-fi driver by removing the driver within "Device Manager". To clean up any excess files left on your system, you should use a 3rd party program to do this job (unless you've a good understanding of the registry) A recommended program to do this is Driver Sweeper - which is freeware, and available from Guru3D - Driver Sweeper or paid version at driver

To install the software driver :
Providing you've followed the steps above, restart your computer and run Setup.exe. Follow through the prompts until the installation has completed.
Please used register cleaner like tune up Advanced SystemCare or crapcleaner

What is Pax?

Formally known as Youpax, Pax was founded by Robert McClelland 6 years ago, who is continuing to provide an alternative tweaked driver to the Official driver released by Creative.

Why should I install this Pax alternative?

Pax is aimed at improving sound quality and to give a more deeper bass sound, while retaining the clarity of the overall output audio. Most users continue to use Pax drivers once moving over and never look back!

For support, feedback and latest driver updates, please visit : PAX Drivers - Powered by vBulletin Forums - Powered by vBulletin
TWeaKFoRCe.CoM your source for the latest Video Drivers
Get the latest X-fi Pax Drivers here
PAX® 2005-2011

לינק לכתבה, למטה יש קישור:

מוריד עכשיו נחזור עם רשמים.
CPU: I7 - 3770
Mobo: Z77-D3H
Memory: G.Skill - 2X8GB 1600MHZ
V.Card: Sapphier 7970 3GB
Monitor: Samsung 27' 1080P
SSD: Samsung 840 PRO 512GB
HDD1: WD 3TB Green
HDDX2 160GB VelociRaptor 10000RPM

Tablet: Nexus 7 32GB 3G @ CM11
Phone: Samsung Note 3 @ CM11
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ברירת מחדל

איך התמיכה בחטיבה החצי מיקצועית של קריאטיב EMU??
Intel I5 2500K | ASrock Z77 Pro 4 | DELL PERC 5 with Raid 5 array | Corsair XMS3 16GB |Intel HD3000 | Seasonic X-750 Modular | Crucial M4 SSD Samsung F3 X8 in RAID 5 | LG DVD-RW GH22NS40 Sata X18 LG DVD-RW GH22NS70 LG DVD-RW H42 | EMU 1212M | YY -W201 Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 32 Bit |Dell 2709 | Microsoft Laser Mouse 3000 | KAMA reader II 30 in one | Microsft ELIT keyboard |

Samsung Galaxy NOTE N7000
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סמל האישי של gmmaster
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ברירת מחדל

אחלה, תודה על השיתוף.
אני אחכה קצת לראות מה אומר הקהל אבל עד כה אני מרוצה מהדרייבר הקודם שלו.
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I Want a New IO Title
סמל האישי של everdow
תאריך הצטרפות: Oct 2008
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ברירת מחדל

זה PCI, לא PCIE.
לחלקנו זה לא מתאים והעדכון היחידי שלו לPCIE זה TITAN HD ועוד דרייבר בטא.
everdow לא מחובר   הגב עם ציטוט
ישן 24-09-11, 18:04   #5 (קישור ישיר)
IO Member
תאריך הצטרפות: Jan 2011
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ברירת מחדל

כן, הוא תמיד מזניח את הTitanium HD :(

i5 2500K @ 5.0Ghz 1.36v || ASUS Maximus IV || G.Skill DDR3 8GB 1600Mhz Ripjaws-X CL9 || 2x EVGA GTX470 @ 875 Core/2000 Memory || 2x Crucial C300 128GB SSD + 2x Spinpoint F3 1GB || Corsair AX1200 || Corsair 700D Modified || Acer GD235Hz + 3D Vision Glasses

המון תודה לאלמוג על הלוגו
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GeForce/ION Driver Release 256.96 cupra דריוורים ותוכנות באנצ'מארק 2 20-07-10 14:57
שוחרר - GeForce/ION Driver Release 195 piniz דריוורים ותוכנות באנצ'מארק 7 20-11-09 14:05
שוחרר: GeForce Driver Release 182.50 oR. דריוורים ותוכנות באנצ'מארק 3 15-04-09 17:52
Nvidia GeForce Driver Release 182.06 everdow דריוורים ותוכנות באנצ'מארק 4 19-02-09 12:30
NEW DRIVER: GeForce Release 178 WHQL piniz דריוורים ותוכנות באנצ'מארק 2 25-09-08 17:39

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