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לכל בעלי הiMac - אשמח לעזרתכם

ציטוט: פורסם במקור על ידי dori don't go too far m8 ..I aint going to invest 17k .The iMac I ...
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פורסם במקור על ידי dori צפה בהודעה
don't go too far m8
..I aint going to invest 17k

.The iMac I want costs 7k in Eilat. With the improvements I want it should be around the 10k give or take
.I should also let you know that one of the reasons I want an iMac is the All-In-One feature and the incredible look
Look aside, again, iMac will not be a performance PC.
The 750m is a very underpowered GPU. Especially in that full enclosure of the iMac.
It will many times throttle down, it will give you very low minimal FPS.

I'm saying from experience.
For that price, you want a true PC. iMac is not there. Not even close even for optimised games. Optimised bioshock means running at medium without physx and other qualities in order to get the game to not drop sometimes to 5 fps.

For this price, you can get a good quality monitor for editing and a good quality PC based on a small case and mini ITX motherboard, so it will still be smaller in size.

You don't need to write in english. Hebrew is fine.
I'm just using a Mac Pro atm and I'm lazy to install hebrew.
I might be a dick, but I'm not stupid.
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